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    Committed To Redeeming Lives ... One At A Time.

  • Our vision

    Redeemed Lives exists to promote community well being through its focus on education and the provision of substance use disorder treatment and recovery support services for those who need it, but who cannot afford it.

    About Redeemed Lives

    Facilitating Solutions...

    Redeemed Lives [a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit] was born as an idea for promoting partnerships in the community that would accomplish three things in a "win-win-win" fashion.


    1) Make certified substance use disorder treatment and recovery support available to more people who need it.


    2) Make it simple for individuals, churches, other community organizations and groups to help provide these needed services WITHOUT having to become or create a certified treatment agency themselves (which would cost tens of thousands of dollars... or MORE).


    3) Streamline the process for getting individuals referred, assessed, and into a certified, outpatient treatment program with qualified, caring professionals (while maintaining confidentiality concerns).

  • Our Approach

    By uniquely positioning itself as a "Connector" of those who need help, those who are willing to support them, and a local, fully certified outpatient treatment agency Redeemed Lives is leveraging community resources for better outcomes and public health in our community. By entering into a memorandum of agreement with the treatment agency, Redeemed Lives has secured the opportunity for its partners to refer individuals for confidential assessment (a $250 value) for free and subsequent treatment and recovery support services at a guaranteed, reduced flat-rate price. This price guarantee is secured by pre-paid vouchers that are funded by our referring partners.


    We believe that this approach may be ideal for churches, civic groups, philanthropists, and others who are committed to making our community a more healthy place by securing the help needed by many of our most vulnerable friends, family, and fellow parishioners. If you can see the opportunity that is available for creating win-win-win situations here locally, please Link Up With Us to make a real difference for individuals and families!

    Team Work Makes The Dream Work!